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LuLu LoLo’s Symbolic Journeys for People—


As I wander Paris,

With each step you will be with me in spirit.

I will walk in your shoes:

To a place you wish to revisit

Or to a place you have never been

Or I will perform an action you have always envisioned

You will be by my side in Paris.

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May 11, 2014

The Havisham Hour: Day/Page/Sketch #490

LuLu LoLo reads page 490 of Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” I am honored to be a part of Julio Panisello’s project “The Havisham Hour

Julio Panisello creates art work on each page of “Great Expectations” and invites readers to record the text on each page.


May 15, 2014

Program 22: Poetry and the Arts for Workers and their Unions

WORKERS UNITE! FILM FESTIVAL WORKING WORDS: Program 22 on the Festival Schedule, 6-8pm

LuLu will be joining the following performers: Chris Butters, Gil Fagiani, Caroline K. Fan, Elizabeth Maldonado, John Pietaro, and Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir Hosted by Esther Cohen

The Amalgamated Lithographers Auditorium
113 University Place at 13th Street



Daughters, Dads and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America

LuLu was one of the Italian-American daughters who was interviewed about her memories of her late father Pete Pascale for the upcoming book: “Daughters, Dads, and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America” written by clinical psychologists Donna H. DiCello, Psy.D. and Lorraine Mangione, Ph.D., The story of the deep connection between daughters and dads, from childhood to adulthood and the subsequent grief and loss when the father dies.

Daughters, Dads and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America
This is my father's hat, I often wear it when I am performing. Photo: Donna H. DiCello

LuLu LoLo A Blade of Grass
Artist Fellow for 2013

LuLu LoLo A Blade of Grass Artist Fellow for 2013

I am honored to be included in the recently published A Blade of Grass catalog “Artist Files” showcasing the work of the twenty socially engaged Artist Fellows who were chosen to be part of Artist Files. Artist Files was a one-time grant cycle focused on generating and harnessing public discourse as a way to define socially engaged art and the selection criteria. Click here to download the catalog.

You may view interviews regarding my work: “LuLu LoLo Artist Files”, “LuLu LoLo  Interview”,  "How an Artist is part of a Community?", "How to Encourage Participation in Public Spaces", "Humour is Important".


December 6, 2013 6pm

Uncloaking Poe: An Evening Tribute

Daughters, Dads and the Path through Grief: Tales from Italian America
Illustration: Vince Evans

Chris Harcum and LuLu LoLo (original cast members) will be reading an excerpt from Dan Evans’ one-act play “Quoth the Raven”

NYU’s School of Law
245 Sullivan Street
(between West 3rd and Washington Square South)
Furman Hall, Room 216.

Reception afterward in the Poe Room. Register online.


October 11, 15, 19, 2013

“Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past”

Part of the 9th annual Art in Odd Places festival
“Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past”
Curated by Radhika Subramaniam
Founder/Director, Ed Woodham
Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past
Photo: Paul Takeuchi.
Wig and Costume Stylist: Ramona Ponce.
Sound Technician: Eva von Schweinitz.

LuLu LoLo: Telephone Operator Loretta, circa 1940, will attempt to connect passers-by to the earliest phone number they remember and invite them to leave a message to the past that will be posted on the blog ”Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past”.

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 11, 6-8pm, Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza, 14th Street between Avenues B and C

Saturday, October 12 from 1-5 pm, 14th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues
Tuesday, October 15 from 4-6 pm, on the Southwest corner of Union Square at 14th Street and University Place
Saturday, October 19 from 1-5 pm, 14th Street between Avenue A and Second Avenue